PROP - Proposed Policies

4131 Admission of Non-Resident (Non-Domiciled) Students


Students domiciled outside of Pender County will not be allowed to enroll in the Pender County Schools except in the following circumstances:

1. Admission is required by law.
2. Children of employees of the Pender County Schools.
3. Students who are entitled to admission to the Pender County Schools and who are enrolled, may finish the school year in the Pender County Schools if their domicile changes to a place outside of Pender County or the circumstances which entitled them to enrollment in the Pender County Schools changes during the school year.
4. The student has been duly released from the School System in which the student is domiciled or entitled to enrollment, as required by law.

For those students allowed to enroll in the Pender County Schools under this Policy but are not entitled by law to admission, may be enrolled under the following provisions:

1. The parents/guardians or legal custodians of the student must provide
transportation at their expense.
2. Assignment to a particular school is in the sole discretion of the Superintendent.
3. The student’s enrollment in the Pender County Schools may be revoked by the
Superintendent, if the student has excessive unexcused tardys or absences or if the student commits two violations of the Student Discipline Code resulting in short term suspensions (or disciplinary reassignments) or commits one violation of the Student Discipline Code resulting in a long term suspension (or disciplinary reassignment). In such cases, the student may continue to be enrolled until the end of the then current grading period, but shall still serve any suspension (or disciplinary reassignment.)
4. The parents/guardians/legal custodians must pay tuition as allowed by law unless
waived by the Board for extenuating circumstances.

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