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Minutes from BoE Meeting July 20, 2018 Friday, 20 July 2018 15:07

Pender County Board of Education

Friday, July 20, 2018

Special Meeting via Telephone Conference

Board Room

Pender Resource Center

798 U.S. Hwy. 117 South

Burgaw, N.C. 28425

4 p.m.


Board Members Present

Leadership Team Members Present

Kenneth Lanier, Chair

Dr. Todd Blumenreich, Director

Don Hall,  Vice Chair

Alfredia Moore, Director

Brad George

Darren LaFon, Director

Rochelle Whiteside

Beth Gardner, Secretary





Richard Schwartz, Attorney


Call to Order

At 4:03 p.m., Chair Kenneth Lanier welcomed all and called the special meeting of the Pender County Board of Education to order after determining a quorum was present.

Approval of the Agenda

At 4:03 p.m., Rochelle Whiteside moved to approve the agenda, Brad George seconded, and the motion carried.   Rochelle Whiteside moved to elect a new Board Member to replace Katherine Herring.  Brad George seconded, and the motion carried.

Swearing-In Ceremony

At 4:04 p.m., the Honorable Judge James Faison conducted the swearing-in of Mr. Kenneth L. Keith. Mr. Keith will fulfill the remaining term for the District Four seat, recently made vacant by the passing of Ms. Katherine Herring.

Dr. Hill offered words of encouragement to new Board Member Kenneth Keith.  Brad George welcomed Kenneth Keith to the Board, and Rochelle Whiteside graciously thanked Kenneth Keith for serving.

Recess and Reception

At 4:06 p.m., Board Chair, Kenneth I. Lanier, Jr., announced the Board would recess for a reception honoring the newly elected Board Member Kenneth L. Keith.

Closed Session

At 4:42 p.m., Kenneth Lanier called the meeting back to order.  A motion was made by Don Hall, seconded by Rochelle Whiteside, and the Board voted to move into closed session, subject to advice from the attorney, pursuant to N.C. General Statute 143-318.11(a)(1), and (a)(6), to prevent the disclosure of confidential personnel information under G.S. 115C- 319 and to consider matters relating to initial employment of individual employees, and pursuant to General Statute 143-318.11(a)(3) to consult with the Board’s attorney in order to preserve the attorney-client privilege.

At 5:24 p.m., Rochelle Whiteside motioned to return to open session.  Brad George seconded, and the motion carried.

Revisions to the 2018-2019 School Calendars

At 5:26 p.m., Don Hall motioned to approve the revisions presented for the 2018-2019 Traditional Calendar, 2018-2019 Pender Early College Calendar, and the 2018-2019 Penderlea Calendar.  Kenneth Keith seconded the motion and it carried.

Municipal Water Hook Up for South Topsail Elementary School

At 5:27 p.m., Brad George moved to approve the Municipal Water Hook Up at South Topsail Elementary School with Creech Plumbing Inc., up to $33,362.93.  Kenneth Keith seconded the motion and it carried.

Human Resource Report and Addendum

At 5:28 p.m., Board Member Brad George asked to be excused from voting on the Human Resource Report and Addendum.  Rochelle Whiteside motioned, with Don Hall making a second to excuse Brad George from the vote. 

Next at 5:29 p.m., Rochelle Whiteside motioned, Kenneth Keith seconded, and the motion carried to approve the Human Resource Report and Addendum.

At 5:33 p.m., a motion made by Don Hall, seconded by Rochelle Whiteside, the Board adjourned its meeting.

Superintendent                                                                                 Board Chair

Dr. Steven Hill                                                                                   Kenneth Lanier