9000 - Facilities

9410 School Closing Or Conversion

The responsibility of the board is to maintain and operate existing school buildings in a prudent and fiscally sound manner. Declining enrollment, population shifts, building obsolescence or other reasons may require the board to consider closing or converting one or more existing schools or buildings. When such action is being considered by the board, the board will cause a thorough study of the school in accordance with G.S. 115C-72. The board will also give advance public notice of at least 30 days except in emergency situations, and citizen input shall be secured through at least one scheduled public hearing prior to reaching a final decision.

The superintendent is responsible for keeping the board informed of situations which may lead to possible school closings or conversions. When school closings or conversions are being considered, the superintendent shall compile such information on any or all schools in the system as may be requested by the board.

Legal References:
G.S. 115C-72
Cross References:
Sale, Disposal and Lease of Board-Owned Real Property (policy 9400)
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