9000 - Facilities

9210 Care and Maintenance of Grounds and Outdoor Equipment

The board strives to make the physical grounds at each school campus part of a safe, orderly and inviting educational environment. To further this goal, the principal shall seek opportunities to involve employees, parents and students at that school in the decisions related to the school grounds and shall make reasonable efforts to maintain the grounds and outdoor equipment in a manner consistent with board goals.

The board recognizes that chromated copper arsenate-treated wood (“arsenate-treated wood”) has been found to pose health hazards to students and has been removed from the marketplace for residential uses. Thus, the board prohibits the purchase or acceptance of arsenate-treated wood for future use on school grounds. To the extent possible, the principal or designee shall ensure that existing arsenate-treated wood in playground equipment is sealed.

The principal shall inspect playgrounds and outdoor equipment for other health and safety hazards on a regular basis and as required by law and post warnings of any hazards as necessary to alert the public, staff and students of those hazards. The principal shall notify the superintendent immediately of repairs needed to meet safety standards.

Legal References:
G.S. 115C-12(34)(a), -36, -47, -524
Cross References:
Student Safety (policy 1510/4200/7270)
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