9000 - Facilities

9110 Selection and Use of Architects and Engineers


To the extent required by North Carolina General Statute 133-1.1, a registered architect or registered engineer, or both, will be used to design and inspect school system buildings being repaired or constructed. In addition, architects and/or engineers may be used for services, such as:

1. preparing feasibility studies for additions, alterations or renovations of existing facilities;

2. providing consulting services on technical matters;

3. providing services related to long-range planning or facility design; and

4. assisting in the preparation and submission of any documents requested by other governmental agencies.


In selecting an architect and/or engineer for facility design and related services, the superintendent shall solicit proposals and provide to the board for consideration a list of architects and/or engineers who are selected based upon the following criteria:

1. training and experience of project managers, project architects and/or engineers and project designers, especially in school-related designs;

2. planning ability and promptness;

3. experience in specification writing, including reputation for accuracy and sufficiency of detail;

4. reputation for quality of design in appearance and utility;

5. history of thorough inspections and follow-through with jobs;

6. relationships with contractors; and

7. any other factors the board deems relevant.

The board will approve the selection of architects and/or engineers for school projects. The board will grant a North Carolina resident architectural or engineering firm a preference over a nonresident architectural or engineering firm if the home state of the nonresident firm has a practice of granting a preference to its resident firms over North Carolina resident firms. Any preference granted to a resident firm will be in the same manner, on the same basis and to the same extent as the preference granted by the nonresident firm’s home state. The bid documents must require that nonresident firms disclose and describe any construction contract preferences granted by the firm’s home state.

Fees will be negotiated with the selected architect and/or engineer. If a fair and reasonable fee cannot be agreed upon, the board will select the next best qualified architect and/or engineer and negotiate fees. The contract with the architect and/or engineer must be reviewed by the board attorney, be approved by the board and meet all applicable laws and board policies.

The board reserves the right to exempt itself from the process provided in this policy as permitted by G.S. 143-64.32 or other applicable statutes. The superintendent may recommend an exemption for particular projects by stating in writing the reasons and circumstances giving rise to the request.

Legal References:
G.S. 133, arts. 1 and 3; 143-64.31, -64.32
Cross References:
Site Selection (policy 9010), Facility Design (policy 9020)
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