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9020 Facility Design

The board is committed to constructing new facilities and renovating existing facilities in a manner that maximizes the use of space, conserves environmental and fiscal resources and produces structurally sound and safe buildings. All school buildings should be designed to create safe, orderly and inviting learning environments where students can succeed. School buildings also will be planned to the extent feasible for maximum use by the community and for providing extended services to students.

The superintendent is responsible for overseeing the design of facilities that have been identified in the long-range facility needs plan and have been approved for funding. The design of new or renovated facilities shall involve a licensed designer and must be designed in a way that will meet all legal requirements, including legal standards for accessibility and use of facilities by persons with disabilities. The superintendent may utilize services of outside professionals, including architects and other consultants, in the facility design and construction. Any contract for professional services must be reviewed by the board attorney, be approved by the board and meet any applicable board policies.

The superintendent, following consultation with teachers and administrators, shall develop a set of comprehensive educational specifications for the architect. These specifications, which shall then be discussed in conferences with the architect, shall include:

1) information concerning the plan of school organization and estimated enrollment in the proposed building;

2) a description of the proposed curriculum and the teaching methods and techniques to be employed;

3) a schedule of space requirements, including an indication of relative locations of various spaces;

4) a desired layout of special areas and the equipment needed for such areas;

5) an outline of mechanical features and special finishes desired; and

6) a description of standard codes and regulations (school system, city, county and state) affecting planning.

The superintendent shall report periodically to the board on the development of facility plans. The superintendent also shall report on the State Board’s review of facility plans conducted pursuant to G.S. 115C-521(c) and must specifically address any concerns noted by the State Board. The board must give final approval of facility plans before any money may be spent on new buildings or renovations.

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Cross References:
Selection and Use of Architects and Engineers (policy 9110)
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