9000 - Facilities

9000 Planning to Address Facility Needs

A.    Principles

The board strives to provide safe, orderly and inviting schools for students and staff.  The board also strives to provide other facilities needed to support the educational program.  Long-range planning by the board and superintendent is essential for providing an educational environment in which students can succeed.

B.    Long-Range Plan

The board will adopt a long-range plan that identifies the facility needs of the school system and sets forth a plan for how to meet these needs.  The plan will address the issue of whether to renovate existing facilities or build new facilities.  The plan also will incorporate, where appropriate, creative options for meeting the needs of the educational program, such as expansion or reduction through modular construction, future alternative uses of space, the availability of community facilities, the use of temporary facilities or leasing arrangements, opportunities for capital lease financing of facilities through public/private partnerships, and sharing facilities with other school systems.  

C.    Process

The following information will be considered in developing and adopting a long-range plan:

1.    data that reflect the possibility of enrollment declines or increases as well as other demographic changes in the population of students that is or may be served;

2.    the possibility of change to or future expansion of the educational program of the school system;

3.    relationships with the total community and projected developments in those relationships over the years;

4.    community planning and zoning;

5.    a facilities inventory that includes the size of sites, building capacities, age of buildings, energy consumption, ability to utilize technology, the suitability of the space for its current or future purpose and accessibility by the community;

6.    the availability or anticipated availability of innovations in construction or design that would allow existing buildings to be renovated or new facilities to be constructed at a lower cost, in a more energy-efficient manner or in a way that would better meet the needs of the educational program; and

7.    the financial ability of the school system and the true economy reflecting full value for each tax dollar expended.

The superintendent may utilize the services of consultants to obtain information necessary for the long-range planning process.  All professional contracts must be approved by the board.  School staffs, students and parents should be involved in considering the needs for new and renovated facilities.

The board will work with the board of county commissioners when possible in developing a five-year capital outlay plan.  The board and superintendent will endeavor to communicate with other governmental bodies and the public in a positive and persuasive manner about the need for school construction and, consequently, the need for necessary funding.

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