8000 - Fiscal Management

8520 School Treasurer

Upon the recommendation of the superintendent, the board will appoint an employee to serve as school treasurer at each school that handles special funds.

The school treasurer is responsible for:

1. being familiar with and complying with applicable law and board policy;

2. keeping a complete record of all moneys in his or her charge, following the form and detail prescribed by the finance officer;

3. making deposits as required by law and board policy 8325, Daily Deposits; and

4. performing any other duties as may be assigned by the superintendent.

Any principal, school employee, parent or other individual who has reason to believe that a school treasurer is not performing his or her duties in accordance with law or board policy is required to immediately notify the finance officer or the superintendent.

Legal References:
G.S. 115C-448
Cross References:
Daily Deposits (policy 8325)
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