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7510 R 7510-R Leave of Absence

Rules & Procedures

Procedures for Requesting Leave:

1.       The employee must contact the Benefits Coordinator to begin the paperwork process.

2.       The official request must be submitted thirty (30) days prior to beginning the leave unless the health condition does not allow a thirty (30) day notice.

3.       The employee, the immediate supervisor and the employee’s physician are required to complete and sign the Pender County Schools Request for Leave Form.

4.       The Benefits Coordinator will schedule a conference with the employee to finalize the specifics of the request.

5.       Requests will be presented to the Board of Education for information and official approval. The employee will receive written notice of the official approval from the Human Resources Department.

6.       At the conclusion of the leave of absence, the employee’s physician must complete the U.S. Department of Labor Fitness for Duty Form before the employee can return to work. The employee will need to submit the completed form to the Benefits Coordinator.

7.       The Benefits Coordinator will send Form WH 381 and Form WH 382 to the employee as a follow up. These forms indicate the FMLA Designation and Notice of Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities.  A copy of the forms will also be placed in the employee’s medical file at Central Services.

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