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7550 Absences Due To Inclement Weather

On a day that employees have the option to report for a workday but pupils are not required to attend school due to inclement weather, employees have the following options:

1. report to work;

2. take accumulated annual (vacation) leave;

3. take accumulated personal leave, if available (teachers only);

4. take leave without pay;

5. use compensatory leave already accumulated; or

6. make up the time missed.

If an employee elects to make up time, it must be at a mutually agreed upon time between the employee and the immediate supervisor. For 10-month employees, it must be within the regular 10-month employment. The make-up date must be determined at the time of the absence.

When the school system is closed to staff and students due to inclement weather, the board will consider options for addressing the missed days, giving the greatest weight to how to best maintain the opportunity and environment for student learning.

Legal References:
G.S. 115C-84.2, -302.1
Cross References:
Emergency Closings (policy 5050)
Monday, 09 May 2011
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