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The board recognizes the importance of establishing a clear contractual relationship with the superintendent. The board, upon selection of a candidate or upon reappointment of the incumbent superintendent, will enter into an explicit contractual agreement with the superintendent that meets, at a minimum, the requirements of state law.

The terms of the contract between the board and the superintendent will include general responsibilities, professional activities, evaluations, salary, expense reimbursement terms, vacation and leave arrangements, and other benefits. The contract also may specify performance expectations, including expectations related to board goals and objectives and State Board standards for student success.

In the event that the superintendent’s contract is terminated, the board will take appropriate and necessary action to help ensure the continuous smooth operation of the school system.


To qualify for the position of superintendent, a candidate must meet all minimum requirements as established by statute or the State Board of Education. In addition, the superintendent of the Pender County Schools shall possess the following qualifications.

1. He or she shall be of good character and integrity and have unquestionable morals.

2. He or she shall possess good judgment and common sense, along with the ability to think clearly and independently, relying on facts instead of prejudices.

3. He or she shall demonstrate exceptional business and educational ability and leadership.

4. He or she shall be able and willing to accept responsibility.

5. He or she shall have the ability to inspire and motivate school personnel to perform at a high level of competency.

6. He or she shall have a strong personality and a capacity for maintaining the respect of educational leaders in North Carolina.


The superintendent shall serve as the chief administrative office of the school system and as the ex officio secretary to the board. The superintendent shall strive to provide leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services and shall work to achieve goals mutually agreed upon annually by the superintendent and the board. The superintendent shall perform the duties authorized by law and board policy, including, but not limited to:

1. attending and participating in all meetings of the board and its committees, except when own employment or salary is under consideration, and serving as secretary to the board;

2. advising the board on the need for new and/or revised policies and seeing that policies of the board are implemented;

3. preparing the annual operating budget recommendations and implementing the approved budget;

4. preparing and submitting recommendations relative to all matters requiring board action and placing before the board such necessary and helpful facts, information and reports as needed to insure informed decisions;

5. informing and advising the board about the programs, practices and problems of the schools and keeping the board informed of the activities operating under the board’s authority;

6. securing and nominating for employment the best-qualified and most competent personnel;

7. assigning and transferring employees as the interest of the school system may dictate;

8. reporting to the board the case of any employee whose service is unsatisfactory and recommending appropriate action;

9. holding meetings of teachers and other employees as necessary for the discussion of matters concerning the improvement and welfare of the schools;

10. keeping the board and the public informed about modern educational practices;

11. delegating to other employees the exercise of powers or the discharge of duties;

12. keeping abreast of new developments in the education profession;

13. providing for current curriculum guides and courses of study;

14. making recommendations for new school sites, plans for new buildings, appropriations for sites and buildings, and improvements, alterations and changes to buildings and equipment;

15. maintaining records for the schools and acting as custodian of such records;

16. making recommendations to the board for transportation, food service, health and safety, maintenance and operations of properties and other necessary functions;

17. attending or providing representation at meetings of other governmental agencies when the public schools have an interest;

18. making a minimum of one visit per month to each school for the purpose of evaluating principals, teachers, staff, program and facilities;

19. acting, when necessary, on any matter not covered by board policy and reporting such action to the board as soon as practicable; and

20. performing such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the board.


The board will conduct an annual evaluation of the superintendent in accordance with policy 7805, Superintendent Evaluation.

The board will report the results of that evaluation to the State Board of Education if two or more schools in the school system were designated as low-performing by the State Board during that year.


The board expects the superintendent to continue his or her professional development and expects him or her to participate in relevant learning experiences.

The superintendent shall keep informed of modern educational thought and practices by visiting other school systems, by attending educational conferences and by such other means as may be set in annual goals.

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G.S. 115C-47(13), -47(15), -47(16), -271 to -275
Cross References:
Superintendent Evaluation (policy 7805)
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Monday, 04 June 2012