7000 - Personnel

7300 Staff Responsibilities

7300 Staff Responsibilities
For students to succeed, all school employees must approach their responsibilities 
conscientiously, always remembering that the ultimate responsibility of the school system is to 
provide students with the opportunity to receive a sound basic education.
All school employees shall:
1. be familiar with, support, comply with and, when appropriate, enforce Board policies, 
administrative procedures, school rules and applicable laws;
2. have regular and prompt attendance at work;
3. attend to the safety and welfare of students, including the need to provide appropriate 
supervision of students;
4. care for and protect school system property;
5. demonstrate integrity, respect, and commitment to the truth through attitudes, 
behavior, and communications with others;
6. submit all reports and paperwork completely, accurately, and on schedule.
7. address or appropriately direct any complaints concerning school employees, the school 
program, or school operations; and
8. support and encourage good school-community relations in all interactions with 
students, parents, and members of the community.
Employees shall notify the Superintendent or designee if they are arrested for, charged with, 
or convicted of a criminal offense (including entering a plea of guilty or nolo contendere)
other than a minor traffic violation (i.e., speeding, parking, or a lesser violation). Notice must 
be in writing, must include all pertinent facts, and must be delivered to the Superintendent 
or designee no later than the next scheduled business day following the arrest, charge, or 
conviction, unless the employee is hospitalized or incarcerated, in which case the employee 
must report the alleged violation within twenty-four (24) hours after his or her release. Upon 
judicial action in the matter, the employee must report the disposition and pertinent facts 
in writing to the Superintendent or designee no later than the next business day following 
Failure by an employee to provide timely notice as described above may lead to disciplinary 
action up to, and including, dismissal.
Each employee is directly responsible to the designated supervisor, and additional 
responsibilities may be assigned to each employee by the designated supervisor. The failure to 
follow the directives of a supervisor is grounds for dismissal.


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G.S. 115C-47, -307, -308
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