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6020-R Admission of Non Resident Students

6020 –Foreign Exchange Students - R&P

R&P for Pender County School Board Policy 6020

B. Foreign Exchange Students

  1. The Foreign Exchange Committee:


a.  screens Foreign Exchange Organizations and their local representatives for     

     compliance with Board policy and the Council on Standards for International   

      Educational Travel

b.  reviews completed documentation from the organization that meets the standards by

      April 1 the school year of enrollment.

c.  communicates and upholds School Board Policies regarding Foreign Exchange


d.  reviews all student applications submitted by local foreign exchange representatives

     and makes a recommendation to the Superintendent

e.  informs schools, host families and local representatives of approved students


  1. Upon acceptance, the school will be provided the following:

a.  a record of Academic Achievement

b.  insurance documentation (accident and medical coverage)

c.  results of a recent physical examination and proof of required immunizations

d.  a copy of any special rules and requirements contained in the foreign exchange


e. documentation that the host  family is a resident of Pender County.  The host family   

    not be a relative of the visiting international student.

f.  any other data required by the school  or the Pender County School System

        3.  Other Considerations

a.  The Foreign Exchange Committee will make a recommendation on the Foreign

     Exchange student’s placement, but the final decision is determined by the


b.  The PCS will only accept foreign exchange students through approved programs.  The

      number of slots for Foreign Exchange Students will not exceed four (4) total per

      school year as determined by the Superintendent in consultation with the school,

      based on projected student enrollment and adequate facilities.

c.  Foreign exchange students will be accepted for a year-long course of study or a first

     semester course of study only.  No second semester placements will be made.

d.  Foreign Exchange students are not eligible to enroll if they have graduated from high

     school in their home country.

            e.  Foreign Exchange students do not receive a diploma from the Pender County School


f.  Upon placement, the host family will assist in registering the foreign exchange student

     in high school.

            g.  The Director of Secondary Education will serve as a liaison between the school    

                 system and foreign exchange organizations.

h.Tuition is waived for all foreign exchange students who enroll into the Pender County

    School System under these guidelines.

      i. Foreign exchange students are subject to all rules and regulations governing other

          students in the Pender County School System.



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