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6325 - R Student Parking - R&P
6325 R&P Student Parking
1) Each school shall develop a set of rules governing student parking for the individual 
school. The Board of Education and/or the Superintendent may also establish rules 
that govern all schools, supporting consistency across the district. These rules must be 
incorporated into school rules as provided in policy 4302, School Plan for Management 
of Student Behavior. Any student who obtains permission to park on campus will be 
provided with a copy of the student parking rules. 
2) Parking fees will be established by the Pender County Board of Education on an annual 
basis. Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, parking fees will be $50. 
3) Parking fees will be pro-rated on a monthly basis. 
4) Parking permits will be available to students who have a valid North Carolina Driver 
License. Students will also be required to show a valid vehicle registration and proof of 
5) Student vehicles must be parked in assigned areas and/or spaces. Student parking lots 
must be clearly designated, and students should only park in student lots. Students may 
not park on the road, driveway, in intersections, or in any other place, including other 
school campuses. Vehicles parked in the wrong space or in unauthorized areas are subject 
to being towed at the owner’s expense, and driving privileges are subject to revocation 
without refund.
6) Limited supervision is provided for parking lots. The school system is not responsible 
for damages to or thefts from vehicles. Students are cautioned NOT to leave valuables in 
vehicles. Parked vehicles should be left with the windows closed and doors locked.
7) Student vehicles are subject to search per Pender County School Board Policy 4342.
8) Only one permit will be issued per student. A student may register up to two family-
owned vehicles, and the permit may be moved from one registered vehicle to another. 
It may NOT be sold or loaned to another student. The penalty for this is revocation of 
parking privileges.
9) Pender County School Board Policy 4320 prohibits the possession and/or use of tobacco 
products on campus. Students may not possess tobacco products or smoke in cars at any 
time while on school campus.
10) Students shall inform the office immediately of any changes in vehicle or license plate.
11) Loitering in a parking lot is prohibited. Students should lock their vehicles and leave the 
parking immediately upon arriving at school. Students need written permission from an 
administrator or School Resource Officer to be in a parking lot during school hours.
12) Refunds for parking fees will be made, on a pro-rated monthly basis, only if a student 
moves away from Pender County Schools. Parking fees will NOT be refunded if a 
student drops out of school, is long-termed suspended from school, loses parking 
privilege based on school-based disciplinary action, or loses driving privilege due 
to revocation of driver license. Any other refund requests are at the discretion of the 
13) The principal my revoke parking permits and parking privilege or otherwise limit or 
temporarily suspend the use of parking privilege of students who are in violation of a rule 
concerning parking on school grounds. In addition, misdemeanor charges may be pressed 
against any person who is in violation of a rule concerning parking on school grounds. 
Furthermore, the principal, in addition to or in lieu of other charges or punishment may 
have any motor vehicle removed from school grounds if that vehicle is parked on school 
grounds in violation of Board Policy, systemwide regulations, and/or school rules. The 
owner of the vehicle is liable for removal and storage of the vehicle.
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