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6020 Admisson of Non Resident Students

Pupils residing outside the Pender County School District may attend the Pender County Schools if all of the following are met:

1.         There is space available within the appropriate program and facilities of the school system to accommodate the pupil.

2.         If the assignment of that pupil to a particular school does not adversely affect the racial balance of that school.

3.         The pupil has been released from the Board of Education of the school district of which the student is a legal resident.

4.                  A statement of financial responsibility for tuition and any special services required for the pupil has been signed by either the Board of   

             Education of the school district to which the pupil is assigned normally or the pupil's parents or guardians or the State of North Carolina.

5.                  Payment of tuition charge equal to the current year’s local per pupil funding including child nutrition funds except as waived  

             for employees.    

6.                  Pupils from parents residing outside of the county will not be accepted except those currently attending and their siblings. 


Discretionary Admission/Foreign Exchange Students

1. Program Approval for Foreign Exchange Students

All organizations operating foreign student exchange programs must receive approval prior to placing a student in the Pender County School System. Approval will be based on criteria established by the Superintendent and will include:

  1. Documentation that the organization has met the standards established by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and appears in the current Advisory List of International Educational Travel and Exchange Programs.
  2. The foreign exchange student program must submit all required documentation by April 1 of the school year of enrollment.
  3. Documentation that the organization has a representative based in Pender County.
  4. Documentation that the host family is a resident of Pender County.
  5. Documentation that the program:
    1. Has well-defined and executed administrative practices.
    2. Has stated educational goals compatible with the generally recognized goals of secondary education in the Pender County School System.
    3. Has demonstrated successful placement of foreign exchange students.
    4. Is a nonprofit organization.
    5. Is incorporated.
    6. Makes a complete financial report available to the public.

The Pender County School System will only accept foreign exchange students through approved programs. The number of slots for Foreign Exchange Students will not exceed four (4) total per school year as determined by the Superintendent in consultation with the school, based on projected student enrollment and adequate facilities.

2. Program Responsibilities for Foreign Exchange Students

The foreign exchange program shall be responsible for assuring that all matters associated with the exchange are facilitated. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Filing a current copy of program guidelines with the Superintendent’s office.
  2. Working with the appropriate governmental agencies to ensure that the prospective foreign exchange student has fulfilled all requirements for entry into the United States on a J-1 visa.
  3. Assuming all financial and legal responsibility for the foreign exchange student.
  4. Providing the Superintendent’s Office with a copy of the student application packet, which the foreign exchange student agency used to accept the student, by April 1 of the school year of enrollment.
  5. Assuming responsibility for all matters associated with living arrangements for the foreign exchange student, such as selecting and orienting the host family involved in the foreign exchange program. (Host families shall not be recruited through the Pender County School System.)
  6. Orienting the foreign exchange student to Pender County and to the Pender County School System. As with all students, foreign exchange students are subject to district wide and school Code of Student Conduct.
  7. Meeting with school personnel to which the student is assigned to establish a liaison for the program, the host family, and the school.
  8. Notifying, in writing, the principal of the assigned school of the need to award and transfer any academic credit back to the student' home country after completion of the foreign exchange year in the Pender County School System, and informing the principal of any unique features involved in the process. (Foreign exchange students will not be granted a diploma by the Pender County School System but may be recognized during graduation exercises.)
  9. Informing the foreign exchange student of the policies of the Pender County School System at the time of the student's acceptance by the foreign exchange student agency.

3. Acceptance of Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign exchange students who are accepted in the Pender County School System must meet criteria established by the Superintendent’s Office. The requirements are that the student:

  1. Be approved by the Superintendent or designee.
  2. Apply for admission to the Pender County School System by April 1 of the year in which the student wishes to enroll. (Application to the school system is formalized by the receipt of a copy of the foreign exchange student's application packet, including the name and address of the host family.)
  3. Be eligible for enrollment in grade 11, be between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age by August 31 of the school year of enrollment, and not have graduated from high school in another country.
  4. Present a valid J-1 visa to the superintendent of the school to which the student is assigned.
  5. Have adequate command of the English language to function in a regular classroom. The foreign exchange agency must document the student's English ability as part of the application process. No special assistance will be given in English.
  6. Present documentation of acceptable academic achievement.
  7. Once school placement is determined by the Superintendent, provide the school with the following:
    1. Record of Academic Achievement.
    2. Insurance documentation (accident and medical coverage).
    3. Results of a recent physical examination and proof of required immunizations.
    4. A copy of any special rules and requirements contained in the foreign exchange agreement.
    5. Any other data required by the school or the Pender County School System.

Foreign exchange students will be accepted for a year-long course of study or a first semester course of study only.  No second semester placements will be made.

4. Placement of Foreign Exchange Students

The assignment of foreign exchange students to a school within the Pender County School System will be made by the Superintendent.  Considerations in making such an assignment are based on the number of foreign exchange student slots available not to exceed four (4) during the school year as determined by the Superintendent.

The selection of courses and extracurricular activities will be made through agreement with the program representative, the host family, school personnel, and the student.

  1. A member of the host family or the local program representative should contact school personnel to register the student and select courses and activities. All foreign exchange students must take American History I or American History II and English III.
  2. Students will be allowed to participate in all extracurricular activities and intramural athletics available to them at the assigned school except where prohibited by restrictions of the foreign exchange program.
  3. Exchange students may participate in interscholastic athletics with written permission of the program representative, if they meet applicable eligibility requirements under the policy of the Pender County School System and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) and provide any other necessary documentation.

5. Special Agreements for Foreign Exchange

  1. Tuition is waived for all foreign exchange students who enroll into the Pender County School System under these guidelines.
  2. Foreign exchange students are subject to all rules and regulations governing other students in the Pender County School System.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-366(a2); N.C. Constitution, Article IX, s. 5; 42 U.S.C. § 11432; and 16 NCAC 06H .0112.


Adopted:  July 11, 1994

Revised:  October 2, 2000; January 11, 2001, April 11, 2005, April 13, 2015




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