6000 - Support Services

6522 Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies by Non-School Groups

Members of the community may use resources in the media centers whenever the centers are open to the public. Students and school-related functions have priority over community members and non-school-related functions.


Members of the community and non-school groups may also request the loan of school property. The superintendent or designee, or principal if the requested property has been issued to the school, shall review requests. Property will be loaned only if the following conditions are met: (1) the use will have no or minimal effect on the useful life of the property; (2) the group’s use of the property will not interfere with use for school system purposes; and (3) any other conditions required by the superintendent. Unless authorized by the superintendent, property of a value greater than $500.00 will not be loaned. Unless authorized by the superintendent, board property may not be taken off of school grounds. The following school system items and services are for official school use only and are not available for other use: 1) publicly-owned vehicles; 2) courier service; 3) school telephones; 4) facsimile machines; 5) postage meter or postage stamps; and 6) copying equipment.

Any agreement to loan the property must be in writing. The agreement must specify that the individual or group receiving the loan will be responsible for the proper care and preservation of the property and will compensate the school system for any loss in value as it is determined by the superintendent or designee. The agreement also must stipulate that no liability will attach to the board, individually or collectively, and that the board will be held harmless for personal injury suffered by the use of school property pursuant to such agreements. A reasonable use fee may be set by the superintendent or designee and included in the agreement. The superintendent is authorized to enter into such written agreements on behalf of the board.

Legal References:
G.S. 115C-36, -523, -524
Cross References:
Schools and the Community (policy 5000), Contracts with the Board (policy 6420), Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies (policy 6520)
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