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6440 Local Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies

All purchases of equipment, materials and supplies will be made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including Chapter 143 Article 8 of the North Carolina General Statutes, board policy and any school system purchasing procedures. All employees involved in purchasing must be familiar with these requirements.

When competitive bidding is not required, purchases should be made under conditions that foster competition among potential vendors. Purchasing decisions should be made after considering price, quality, suitability for specified need, and timeliness of delivery and performance. The board will not enter into a contract with any supplier or contractor when performance on any previous contract has been found to be unsatisfactory by the superintendent or the board.

Where feasible, informal bids shall be sought. Records of all informal bids will be kept but will not be available for public inspection until the contract has been awarded. Such records should include the date the bid is received, from whom it is received, and for what item it is made.

Legal References:
G.S. 115C-36; 143 art. 8; 143-129, -129.9, -131, -135.9
Cross References:
Contracts with the Board (policy 6420), State Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies (policy 6430)
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