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6421 Pre-Audit Certification

No obligation may be incurred by the school system unless the budget resolution includes an appropriation authorizing the obligation and an unencumbered balance remains in the appropriation sufficient to pay in the current fiscal year the sums obligated by the transaction for the current fiscal year. If an obligation is evidenced by a contract or agreement requiring the payment of money, including a purchase order for supplies and materials, the contract, agreement or purchase order will include on its face a certificate stating that the instrument has been preaudited to assure compliance with this policy. The finance officer shall sign the certificate, which will take substantially the following form:

“This instrument has been preaudited in the manner required by the School Budget and Fiscal Control Act.

(Date) _______ (Signature of Finance Officer) ______”

An obligation incurred in violation of this policy is invalid and may not be enforced. The finance officer shall establish procedures to assure compliance with this policy.

Legal References:
G.S. 115C-441
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