5000 - Community Relationships

5240 Advertising in the Schools

R&P for 5240 Advertising in the Schools

The Pender County Board of Education appreciates the role Parent Organizations have in fundraising to support programs in the Pender County Schools. Parent Organizations are an effective means of involving parents and the community in the schools, and are also an asset in the effort to achieve the overall growth and success of the school and the programs within the school, both academic and extra-curricular. While Parent Organizations are not considered a part of the school system, the organizations and their activities reflect upon the system. Therefore, all Parent Organizations must comply with Board Policy in order to operate in conjunction with the schools.

All fundraising activities of Parent Organizations, including all Booster Clubs, must be directed to the Principal of the school. The Principal and the Superintendent must grant approval of all fundraising requests prior to the start of the fundraising efforts.

All fundraising activities must comply with Board Policy, including, but not limited to, all components of Board Policy 5010 (Parent Organizations); Board Policy 5210 (Distribution and Display of Non-School Material); and Board Policy 5240 (Advertising in the Schools).

The Principal reserves the right to reject any fundraising activity that is deemed unnecessary, potentially detrimental to the school, or in violation of Board Policy.

When fundraising activities include advertising on school property, including but limited to signage inside school buildings and on outside facilities, the Principal or designee must approve all said advertising to ensure it complies with Board Policy. The display of advertising or signage without prior approval of the principal or designee will be considered a violation of the Booster Club/Support Organization Agreement, and would be grounds for removal of said advertising or signage.


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