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5230 5230 Participation in Research Projects, R&P

R&P PARTICIPATION IN RESEARCH PROJECTS  Policy Code:                      5230

All research projects must be approved by the Superintendent or designee in accordance with Policy 5230, Participation in Research Projects, and comply with rules and procedures described below.  For the purpose of these procedures, research is defined as any data collection from Pender County Schools or staff, including, but not limited to, interviews, videotaping, data review, and/or surveys of staff or students.  While selected data is available through DPI, the staff cannot be responsible for collecting, analyzing, or compiling data for the purpose of individual or agency data research.  The procedures listed below do not include data collected by the Pender County Staff as a part of job responsibilities:  e.g. Title I surveys, professional development needs surveys, climate surveys, surveys conducted by school improvement teams, etc.

Requests to conduct research in Pender County Schools shall be made in writing to the Superintendent on forms provided by the district.  Information on the application will include, at a minimum:

1.      Statement of the research problem,

2.      A description of the methodology,

3.      A management plan describing the major steps required to conduct the research,

4.      Copies of all research data gathering instruments and parent permission slips, and

5.      A description of data analysis procedures.

The Superintendent or designee will review each request and obtain recommendations from other staff as appropriate.  The Superintendent shall approve/disapprove the request on the basis of one or more of the following:

1.      Completed information on the application,

2.      Research problem and/or methodology that is not likely to be viewed as controversial by the significant segment of the school system’s clients and/or patrons,

3.      Adequate safeguards embedded in the research problem, methodology, and/or management plan protecting individual rights as provided in the “Family Rights and Privacy Act,”

4.      A plan that does not require staff and/or students to be inordinately involved, therefore not interfering with the teaching and learning,

5.      Useful information to practitioners in the field as result of the research,

6.      The methodology is appropriate and adequate to the problem,

7.      The qualifications of the researcher appear to be adequate for successfully conducting the activities described in the application,

8.      The management plan appears to provide the necessary assurances for successful resolution of the problem,

9.      The data gathering instruments and/or data analysis procedures are appropriate to a successful resolution of the problem,

10.  A copy of the institutional review board’s approval letter.

Researchers whose proposals are approved must also agree to:

1.      Meet with the Superintendent or designee for the purpose of developing a monitoring plan, which shall provide assurances that planned activities are carried out as specified in the application and plan.

a.       All deviations from the plan must receive prior approval.

b.      Principals will receive copies of data collected from their school.

c.       The district designee will receive copies of all data collected.

2.      Provide the school system with a copy of the final results and be willing to make a presentation of the results to an audience of interested stakeholders.

Refusal to comply with the above will result in a decision to deny permission to conduct the research.

Adopted:  November 10, 2014


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Are you a current employee?_____________________________________________


Reason for Research:____________________________________________________



Statement of Problem:





Describe Methodology in Detail:





Describe Management Plan:









Attach copies of all surveys, parent letters, and/or release forms to be utilized in the research.  Also, attach a copy of the institutional review board’s approval, if appropriate.  If a copy of the institutional review board’s letter is not appropriate, explain why.



I agree to all the conditions within Pender County Board Policy and R&P 5230.




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