5000 - Community Relationships

5220 Collections And Solicitations

The board is committed to minimizing disruptions to instructional time and the educational environment. Collections and solicitations are discouraged and must not disrupt instructional time. Employees and students will not be required to contribute or respond to any collection or solicitation.

The superintendent shall develop regulations governing collections and solicitations. The regulations will specify the type and number of collections and solicitations permitted and an approval process for collections and solicitations subject to the following guidelines.

1. Outside organizations and/or sales representatives may not solicit individual employees or students during working hours or the school day unless prior written approval is granted by the superintendent.

2. As a general rule, students, school organizations, teachers and/or other school employees may not sell commercial products during the instructional school day.

3. Individuals and organizations must secure approval from the superintendent prior to conducting collections or solicitations on school grounds.

4. Employees may not solicit money from students or parents to purchase additional materials or equipment, nor may they solicit materials or services in any manner that would cause a parent to feel undue or unnecessary pressure.

5. Employees may not require an expenditure of money by a parent or student for membership or participation in any course or other school-related activity, endeavor or function, except with the consent of the superintendent.

6. Even if the solicitation occurs off of school property, students and employees must have the prior written approval of the superintendent and principal to solicit funds for school activities in the name of the school or on behalf of the school. The principal must approve the solicitation or borrowing of products for school activities.

7. Fliers and other materials that are to be distributed or displayed in conjunction with an approved collection or solicitation must be approved by the principal based upon the criteria in section C of policy 5210, Distribution and Display of Non-School Material, and/or policy 5240, Advertising in the Schools.

Legal References:
G.S. 14-238, 115C-36, -47
Cross References:
Distribution and Display of Non-School Material (policy 5210), Advertising in the Schools (policy 5240)
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