5000 - Community Relationships

5100 Relationship With Other Governmental And Community Agencies

Productive working relationships with other governmental and community agencies are critical to the school system’s efforts to provide safe, orderly and inviting learning environments in which students can succeed in the educational program. These relationships also are necessary to coordinate services so that various governmental and community agencies can strive to meet the needs of students in an efficient and effective manner.

School administrators are expected to develop and maintain productive working relationships with other governmental and community agencies, such as fiscal authorities, taxation authorities, the Elections Board, public housing authorities, the Public Anti-poverty Agency, the Public Health Authority, the Public Welfare Authority, the parks and recreation departments, the planning departments, the fire departments, the Civil Defense Agency, the Industrial Development Authority, the Zoning Authority, private social service agencies, human relations organizations and the chambers of commerce. Any contracts or specific agreements regarding working relationships with other governmental agencies must be approved by the board.


Legal References:
G.S. 115C-36, -47
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