5000 - Community Relationships

5040 News Media Relations

The news media can be an important means of communicating information about the school system to the community. The superintendent shall establish an effective working relationship with the news media. The news media should be notified whenever necessary to relay information to the public, such as when there are emergency school closings. The superintendent also is expected to identify opportunities to educate the news media regarding the goals of the board and school system, especially as they relate to student success and the educational program. The superintendent also should inform the news media of the results of the school system’s efforts to improve student achievement.

The superintendent may designate a spokesperson to provide information to the news media. The school system will respond to the media’s requests for information in compliance with policy 5070/7350, Public Records – Retention, Release and Disposition.

Policy 5020, Visitors to the Schools, applies to news media. News media are expected to cooperate with the school system in their efforts to provide a safe and orderly learning environment in which disruptions to instructional time are minimized. The principal or superintendent may require news media to leave or prevent news media from entering school grounds if the news media's presence interferes with these efforts.

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Cross References:
Board Meeting News Coverage (policy 2325), Visitors to the Schools (policy 5020), Emergency Closings (policy 5050), Public Records – Retention, Release and Disposition (policy 5070/7350)
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