5000 - Community Relationships

5025 Prohibition Of Alcoholic Beverages

The board prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, including beer, malt liquor and wine, on property owned or occupied by the school system. Any person who violates this policy will be asked to leave the school property immediately and, if he or she fails to do so, will be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct or any other charge that may be appropriate.

Student conduct is further governed by policy 4325, Drugs and Alcohol. Employee conduct is further governed by policy 7240, Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace.

Legal References:
G.S. 18B-103, -301; 115C-36, -40, -47
Cross References:
Drugs and Alcohol (policy 4325), Community Use of Facilities (policy 5030), Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace (policy 7240)
Monday, 10 October 2011
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