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4351 Short Term Suspension R&P

The Board recognizes that while schools use short-term suspensions as a means of disciplinary action, the goal for the school is to correct the behavior of the student and for the student to continue to make progress towards academic goals, including graduation from high school. For students that serve as short-term suspension of between 5 and 10 days, inclusive, the following measures will be in place in order to assist the student with maintaining academic progress:

1)      At the time of the suspension, school administration will ensure that students have a plan in place to complete school assignments during the period of the suspension.

2)      The student and parent/guardian will be required to meet with the principal or designee upon return to school in order to review academic and disciplinary concerns. The school counselor and/or student support coordinator should also be in the meeting. During this meeting, the following items will be discussed:

·         The student and parent will be given an update on academic progress, and, if necessary, a plan to maintain adequate progress towards successful course completion.

·         A referral to appropriate school and/or community resources in order to assist the student with issues that may have caused the disciplinary infraction. This may include, but is not limited to, substance use and abuse, anger management, and conflict resolution.

·         A scheduled follow-up meeting with a school counselor, school administrator, or student support coordinator within 30 days in order to provide updates and support to the student.

3)      Administrators may, to the extent allowed by statute and professional discretion, utilize proof of a student assessment and counseling during the term of the suspension as an alternative to the original length of the suspension.



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Cross References:
School Safety (policy 1510/4200/7270), School Plan for Management of Student Behavior (policy 4302), School-Level Investigations (policy 4340), Parental Involvement in Student Behavior Issues (policy 4341), Removal of Student During the Day (policy 4352)
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