4000 - Students

4600 Student Fees

The board will hold student fees to a minimum. No fee will be charged for required courses or activities.

Each principal is required to submit a list of any fees to the superintendent prior to the August board meeting. The superintendent shall adopt procedures providing that student fees, including those for graduation, the school yearbook or supplies for elective classes, are consistent among the different levels and schools. The board must approve all fees. The superintendent shall submit the schedule of approved fees and charges to the superintendent of public instruction.

Any fees imposed will be waived or reduced for students who demonstrate economic hardship. The superintendent shall establish procedures to review requests for fee waivers or reductions.

As provided in policy 1310/4002, Parental Involvement, each principal shall publish or post the schedule of fees and notify students and parents of the availability of and the process for requesting a fee waiver or reduction.

Legal References:
N.C. Const. art. IX, § 2(1); G.S. 115C-47(6), -216(g), -384
Cross References:
Parental Involvement (policy 1310/4002)
Monday, 11 October 2010
Last Updated:
Monday, 12 March 2012