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3220 Social Media/Networking Protocol



In accordance with Policy 3220 Technology in the Educational Program and principal approval,  members of the Pender County Schools (“PCS”) instructional staff are permitted to use the social media/networking listed on the approved instructional social media/networking platforms list for instruction and/or to post school-related content, see attached list.  For the purposes of this R&P, instructional staff includes: principals, assistant principals, teachers, teacher assistants, school instructional staff and student teachers. 

If participation in social media/networking platforms requires students to create and use third-party accounts, parental permission must be obtained in accordance with Policy 3225-4312-7320 Technology Responsible Use. PCS instructional staff members are responsible for ensuring that students receive instruction in how to use social media/networking tools in a safe, effective, and appropriate way if the tool will be used by students as well as teachers.  In establishing and using social media/networking sites, PCS instructional staff shall comply with the following protocol:


A. PCS Instructional Staff Accounts

  1. Principal shall send the Account Name and URL of social networking account to the PCS Communications Coordinator. In addition, the instructional staff shall provide the information to the PCS Communications Coordinator when using a social media/networking account for school system related use not on the list of approved instructional social media/networking platforms.
  2. Principal shall provide to the PCS Communications Coordinator the name of the staff member who is responsible for adding and managing content.
  3. If possible, the account should be kept private so that people will have to request to access the content.
  4. When possible, principals and instructional staff with principal approval, shall create the social networking account using the school email address assigned to the individual managing the relevant social media/networking platform. This will assist the PCS Technology Director in gaining access if needed should a problem arise and the person responsible for the account cannot be contacted.

B. PCS School-Level Accounts Managed by the Principal or Principal’s Designee

  1. PCS school-level accounts will be created by the PCS Communications Coordinator with assistance from the PCS Technology Director, to ensure uninterrupted access to each account, regardless of a change in staff at the school.
  2. The login information for school-level accounts will be shared by the PCS Communications Coordinator with the school Principal.
  3. Principals are responsible for sending the PCS Communications Coordinator names of additional staff with whom the principal has shared account information and assigned duties for the creation and management of content.

C.Requirements for PCS Social Media/Networking Sites:

  1. The PCS principal or principal designee must ensure all students portrayed on school social media platforms have not opted out of photo/image release.
  2. The posting of advertisements or promotions of a service or product is prohibited. 
  3. Posting pictures on Twitter uses a third-party service that requires PCS to monitor school-level accounts. 
  4. Security settings for social media/networking sites for school-level accounts shall be set to the most restrictive security settings available.  Users will be notified if security settings are modified.
  5. Each social media/networking site shall include the following language:  “The information posted on this site is public and is subject to the NC Public Records Law and to third-party disclosure, including law enforcement.  Any content appearing on the social media site must adhere to all applicable laws and board policies or be removed and reported to the appropriate authorities.  Content appearing on the social media/networking site is not intended to reflect the official position of the PCS Board of Education on any matter.”
  6. Shall not be used to promote any political candidate, any political party, or to promote any religion or religious activities.
  7. Must utilize correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation at all times.
  8. Shall be consistent with all applicable board policies and laws.
  9. Shall not contain any abusive or inappropriate language, including, but not limited to, remarks that are racist, sexist, condemning of any group of people, as well as those that contain obscenities or are sexually explicit.
  10. Shall not contain any inappropriate images, photos, audio/video recordings, including, but not limited to:  violations of student or staff codes of conduct, or violations of student or staff dress codes.
  11. Shall not identify or refer to any individual or any group of individuals in a defamatory, abusive or negative manner.
  12. Shall not include any confidential student or staff information. 

D.Removal and Revocation of Privileges for Violations:

  1. PCS social media/networking sites shall not contain comments/images in violation of law or board policy.  Such comments/images will be immediately removed, unless otherwise required by the authorities.
  2. The privilegefor PCS instructional staff to participate in social media/networking sites may be revoked in the event a violation of law or board policy occurs.  Privileges may also be revoked if the conditions stated in this R&P are not met.
  3. This R&P protocol will be reviewed periodically by the Communications Coordinator and the Director of Technology and will be updated in accordance with law and board policy as needed.
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