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3226-4205 R&P Internet Safety R&P
3226-­4205 Internet Safety R & P 
Internet access is available to students and staff throughout Pender County Schools. Students shall be given access 
to the Internet, filtered through Pender County Schools, and access to email if required by a class. The full policy 
details are contained, as a minimum, in the PCS Board of Education’s policy “3225­4312­7320, Technology 
Responsible Use”. It is important that you and your child read this policy and District policies (3220, 3221, 3227, 
3230, 5071, 6524) and discuss these requirements together. All of these policies are available online at 
www.pcspolicy.com or you may request a printed copy from your school’s office. 
To gain access to these resources, all students and staff must read and sign the PCS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 
for Internet Access. This process must be completed by the 16th day of school or Internet Access will be terminated. 
Each school’s principal will review this with their staff each year and teachers will guide their students through this 
process. The following sites will help guide PCS Staff Members through the AUP process: 
● PCS Staff ­ (https://sites.google.com/a/pender.k12.nc.us/pcs­tru/)
● PCS Students ­ (https://sites.google.com/a/pender.k12.nc.us/pcs­student­policy­presentations/)
Although the benefits of the Internet are enormous, parents need to be aware that the Internet is an open system 
which could potentially contain material that is inappropriate and/or harmful to children. The Children’s Internet 
Protection Act (CIPA ­ http://www.fcc.gov/guides/childrens­internet­protection­act) requires schools and libraries to 
have an Internet Safety policy in place (PCS Policy 3226­4205). Pender County Schools will make every effort to 
restrict your child’s access to inappropriate materials on the Internet through the use of filtering devices and software. 
Also, teachers will make reasonable efforts to supervise a student’s use of the Internet during the instructional 
time/day but we cannot guarantee that he or she will not encounter text, pictures, videos or references that are 
objectionable. If you do not want your child to have access to the Internet or email, you may obtain and sign an 
Internet/Email Opt Out form from the school’s office/principal. 
Inappropriate use of technology resources may result in the loss of Internet/Email access. Below are some of the 
issues that may arise; more are listed in the Board of Education Policies referenced earlier. 
● Users shall not attempt to access inappropriate sites or release inappropriate (personal) information in emails,
● Users are prohibited from using the computer network to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized or unlawful
access to other computers or computer systems, or any form of “hacking”.
● Any user identified as a security risk may be denied access.
● Users are prohibited from using or sharing another individual’s computer account or files, including use of an
ID and/or password not assigned to the user.
● Users shall not deliberately or negligently attempt to destroy technology hardware, software, or data of another
● Users shall not intentionally waste or abuse limited resources, such as unauthorized storage of files (games,
music, etc.) on the computers/servers.
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