3000 - Educational Program

3101 Dual Enrollment - R&P

1. Requests from parents of students seeking release from the district's full-day program to receive private educational services through dual enrollment will be granted under certain narrow circumstances.

2. A Request for Release from District Educational Services must be submitted to the principal at the child's school. Requests must be made prior to enrollment in any private program. Consideration will not be given retroactively.

3. Any student who is dually enrolled must be enrolled at a Pender County school.

4. Any student who is dually enrolled must participate in all mandated testing.

5. Requests will only be considered for dual enrollment with an institution that is already partnering with Pender County Schools for Dual enrollment programs.  Courses that are not offered through a previous partnership may be considered for dual enrollment by institutions that are accredited by AdvancEd or those accrediting agencies listed by the NC Department of Public Instruction.

6. If release is granted, credits toward graduation must follow guidelines established by State of North Carolina and Pender County Board of Education including course requirements and assessments.

7. If the student is identified as a child with special needs, and receiving services through an individualized education plan (IEP), and the private services being sought are in one or more area of need identified in the child's IEP, the private program must also be approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to deliver special education services.

8. The principal shall review each request and make a recommendation based on a complete review of the child's submission and all relevant information. Consideration shall be given to a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

a. The impact the child's dual enrollment would have on the school's ability to prepare the child for the N.C. Testing program;

b. The impact the child's dual enrollment would have on the school's ability to provide the student with appropriate instruction in all core academic areas that will not be addressed by the private program, both in general education and special education; and

C. The extent to which the private program is aligned to the Standard Course of Study.

9. Principals have the authority only to make recommendations. Final decisions concerning dual enrollment will be made by the Superintendent or designee. For a student with special needs, requests will only be processed after the request is brought to the child's IEP team for consideration through a formal meeting. All documents from this meeting must be submitted to the Department of Special Education Services before such requests will be processed. Such documents, together with the Request for Release from signed by the parents, must clearly articulate from which special education or related services the parents are seeking release.

The release of a student from a full school day to receive private educational services shall not in any way obligate Pender County Schools to pay for private school tuition or for any other private educational or related services, to provide transportation of the student in connection with such release, or to reimburse parents for any such expenses.

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