3000 - Educational Program

3102 Online Instruction

The Board recognizes that online instruction is a valuable tool for affording students extended educational options.  The Board will provide opportunities for students to participate in online instruction to the extent that it is academically and financially prudent.

School guidance counselors/e-learning advisors shall advise students on North Carolina Virtual Public School courses and other online courses available for credit.  Enrollment in an online for credit course will count toward satisfying board requirements related to minimum instructional days, seat time policies, student attendance and athletic and/or extracurricular obligations. 

A student, with the principal’s prior approval, may enroll in an online course with assistance from the school e-learning advisor.  The principal shall designate a staff member at the school to serve as the e-learning advisor, who will be responsible for coordinating the enrollment of students in online courses, monitoring students’ progress in those courses and supervising any required testing.  In addition, the principal shall ensure that the e-learning advisory implements a plan for supporting credit recovery students throughout the semester.

The Superintendent shall develop regulations consistent with State Board of Education requirements and this policy for students enrolling in online instruction.


Legal References:
State Board of Education Policy GCS-M-001
Cross References:
Dual Enrollment (policy 3101)
Monday, 03 December 2012
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