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3460 - R Graduation Requirements - R&P

R&P for Pender County Schools Board policy 3460

In order to graduate from high school, all students must meet the following requirements:

Successful completion of all course unit requirements mandated by the State Board of Education (22 units of credit) and all other local board requirements.

Regulations and Procedures for graduation are as follows:

A. Prior to participating in graduation ceremonies, students must meet ALL graduation requirements as established by the State Board of Education and the Pender Board of Education. Any exceptions must be reported directly to the Board of Education.

B. Names of graduates will be presented to the Board by the Superintendent or designee.

C. Recognition of honor graduates may be included in graduation programs. The following recognitions shall be included: Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Senior Honor Graduates, and North Carolina Academic Scholars.

D. Principals are encouraged to share the total amount of all scholarships received by students with their school communities during the graduation ceremony.

E. Graduation prior to one's class may be permitted if the following criteria are met: Successful completion of all course unit requirements (22 credits) as mandated by the State Board of Education and upon Principal approval. Early graduates are not eligible to take high school classes second semester and cannot participate in any second semester activities as a student, including prom and senior breakfast. Early graduates may participate in the January graduation ceremony but are not eligible to participate in the June graduation ceremony.

F. Graduation ceremonies will be held within 10 days following the 180 day school calendar. Graduation ceremonies may be held after June 30, at the end of the first semester, or any other time upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and the approval of the Board of Education.

G. Graduation times and locations must be presented to the Superintendent for review and approval. The Board of Education must approve times and locations based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

H. Transcripts are provided at no cost to currently enrolled students.

I. All High School Principals shall establish a school-level process for all current student transcripts to be monitored once per semester to ensure that students are scheduled correctly for courses and exit standards needed to graduate. In addition to the school level audit, Instructional Services staff will audit transcripts from each high school once per semester. School transcript audits should include verification of the following:

1. Accurate diploma type

2. Attainment of course requirements, including two course concentration/CTE cluster completion beginning August, 2020;

3. Completion of required number of credits

4. Successful completion of CPR instruction

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Monday, 05 November 2012
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