3000 - Educational Program

3525 Homebound Instruction




The board recognizes that medical circumstances may arise that make it impossible for students to receive the opportunities of the educational program in the regular school environment.  It is the goal of the homebound program to prevent a student from losing credit toward promotion or graduation, to provide meaningful instruction based on the student’s needs, and to assist the student in returning to his or her regular classroom program as quickly as possible.


The board may, contingent upon the availability of funds, provide the opportunity to receive homebound instruction to students who are expected to be confined for four weeks or longer to a hospital or home for treatment or a period of convalescence.  A medical statement signed by the student’s physician must be completed prior to the student receiving homebound instruction.


Notwithstanding the above provisions, students with disabilities shall receive homebound services as required by law.  

Legal References:
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Cross References:
Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program (policy 3000), Special Education Programs/Rights of Students with Disabilities (policy 3520), Attendance (policy 4400)
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