3000 - Educational Program

3330 Moment Of Silence

The board authorizes the observance of a moment of silence at the beginning of the first class of each school day in all grades in the school system. The purpose of the moment of silence is to afford students and teachers a moment of quiet reflection at the beginning of each day; to create a boundary between school time and non-school time; and to set a tone of decorum in the classroom that will be conducive to discipline and learning.

The teacher in charge of each classroom may announce that a period of silence not to exceed one minute in duration shall be observed. The teacher shall instruct the class that during the period of silence, silence shall be maintained and no one may engage in any other activities. The period of silence shall be totally and completely unstructured and free of guidance or influence of any kind from any sources.


Legal References:
U.S. Const. amend. 1; G.S. 115C-47(29)
Cross References:
School Calendar and Time for Learning (policy 3300)
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