3000 - Educational Program

3320 School Trips

3320 School Trips

School trips designed to stimulate student interest and inquiry may be appropriate classroom extensions and may enhance learning in the classroom. School trips may help meet educational goals and objectives by connecting learning with experiences outside of the classroom environment.

All eligible students will be given an opportunity to participate in school trips.  No student will be denied participation because of economic hardship or because the student has a disability. 


A school trip occurs when a student or group of students leaves a school campus under the sponsorship of the school and under the supervision of school employees to extend the educational experiences of that student or group.  This includes such trips taken by extracurricular groups but does not include trips by athletic teams to participate in athletic events or competitions that are part of the team’s regular season or playoffs.  All school trips must be related to the curriculum of the school or to a co-curricular activity (e.g., clubs, student council). Any trip made by school students which has not been approved by the Board or school in accordance with School Board Policy shall not be considered to be a school trip. The Superintendent shall be responsible for development of procedures for the request and approval of school trips.


All students who participate in a school trip must provide signed parental consent forms to participate, unless a student is officially emancipated, in which case the student can consent on his or her own behalf. A student who fails to provide a signed consent form may be denied participation in the trip. No student’s grade may be lowered or raised based on parental consent to participate in the school trip. The superintendent shall develop procedures to ensure parents are given proper notice of trip details and that parents provide signed authorization and consent regarding their child’s participation and care during the trip.


Students must not be charged a fee for any required school trip for which credit is granted. Fees for other non-required school trips shall be as low as feasible. Pursuant to Policy 4600, Student Fees, any fees imposed for school trips will be waived or reduced for students who demonstrate real economic hardship. Monies collected by the school for the purpose of school trips have been given in good faith; thus, any funds remaining after school trip expenses have been paid should be returned to the students or parents/guardians.


All school employees, volunteers, and students remain subject to all state, school, district, and Board policies, rules, and procedures during the school trip. This includes, but is not limited to Policy 1510/4200/7270, School Safety; Policy 5015, School Volunteers; and the 4300 series – Code of Student Conduct. The superintendent shall develop any additional procedures necessary to ensure student safety, provide adequate supervision, and clarify student behavior standards.


Policy 6320, Use of Student Transportation Services, applies to the use of vehicles for all school trips. Policy 6315, Drivers, applies to all drivers of school buses and activity buses but does not apply to drivers of charter buses and activity buses who are not subject to school board authority, aside from any agreed upon provisions in the contract with the charter company.  Any contracts with outside companies to provide transportation for a school trip must be approved in accordance with Policy 6340, Transportation Service/Vehicle Contracts, and Policy 6420, Contracts with the Board. 

School-provided transportation may be provided for students, staff, and approved volunteers only. Students are expected to travel to and from the school trip or school activity destination with the school group using the school-provided transportation. However, the principal may allow a student to travel to and/or from the destination with his or her parent/guardian provided the principal has received written notice from the parent/guardian. The Board shall not be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur while a parent is transporting his or her own child to a school activity.

The superintendent shall develop any necessary additional regulations governing transportation on school trips.


All chaperones and volunteers accompanying students on school trips must meet the standards established by Policy 5015, School Volunteers, which requires background checks and adequate training to be completed before the trip occurs. The principal is responsible for ensuring that this occurs.


Student participation in a school trip will not be counted against the student or the school for attendance accounting purposes. Students are, however, responsible for making up school work and tests missed while away on school trips.


Schools must provide accommodations for students with special needs so they may participate in school trips which they would otherwise be entitled to attend.


A non-school-sponsored trip is defined as a trip organized by a school employee acting as an independent individual, without the sponsorship of the school or school system. Because the Board neither sponsors nor endorses such travel, school employees who organize non-school-sponsored trips involving school students must inform parents/guardians and students that the trip is not sponsored by the Board and that the Board and school officials assume no responsibility or liability for the trip.

Any employees involved in planning a non-school sponsored trip must notify the employee's supervisor and the principal(s) of the students involved in the trip and provide documentation that the parental/guardian notice has been given. Additionally, employees shall conduct all trip organization and fee collection outside of the employee’s work day. No school time, equipment or facilities may be used to plan or organize non-school-sponsored trips.

Students will not be required to participate in any non-school sponsored trips. Absences for non-school sponsored trips will be designated as excused or unexcused in accordance with Policy 4400, Attendance.

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Cross References:
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