3000 - Educational Program

3135 Homework

The board recognizes the importance of homework in supplementing classroom instruction and furthering the goals of the educational program. Homework reinforces learning and fosters independence, responsibility and self-direction. The board believes that teachers should assign homework to students on a regular basis.

Homework assignments should strengthen skills, provide practice in subjects that already have been taught in class and improve a student’s ability to work independently. Homework should also be interesting, challenging and exciting. Homework should never be used as punishment.

When making assignments, teachers should take into consideration the differences in financial, educational and technological resources of students and their parents or guardians. In addition, the amount of time necessary to complete the tasks should be reasonable in light of the age and maturity of the students and other assignments given to the students. Teachers should give clear directions for homework assignments and allow students the opportunity to ask questions about the assignments. Teachers shall fairly evaluate all homework, whether oral, written or in project form.

Principals shall ensure that homework assignments are made in accordance with this policy. Principals are encouraged to involve staff, parents and students in developing standards for appropriate types and amounts of homework for the school or particular grade levels.

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