2000 - Board Operations

2420 Adoption Of Policies

Policies may be proposed for adoption, amendment or repeal at any board meeting by any member of the board or by the superintendent. A request to place the proposed policy on the agenda must be made in accordance with board policy.

The proposed policy will be placed on the board agenda for a first reading. If there are serious objections to the proposed policy and the board decides to have the policy redrafted, another first reading is required. If the proposed policy is acceptable as presented or with minor changes, copies of the proposed policy will be furnished to all schools in the system within five workdays of the board meeting at which the proposed policy is presented. The proposed policy will then be placed on the board agenda for a second reading at a subsequent board meeting. This assures interested parties the opportunity to make comments, ask questions and offer suggestions. During discussion of a policy proposal, the views of the public, parents, students and staff will be considered.

If at the second reading there are no major changes necessitating a redraft and additional reading of the policy, the board may adopt the policy by majority vote. The superintendent must record the policy in the minutes of the board meeting in order for the policy to be considered official board policy. Unless otherwise specified by the board, a policy is effective as of the date it is adopted by the board.

No policy formally adopted by the board of education may be revised or rescinded except by majority vote in accordance with policy 2342, Voting Methods.

The board, under emergency conditions and by two-thirds vote of board members present, may dispense with the established procedures for the adoption of board policies. An emergency condition is defined as a matter that affects the health, welfare and/or safety of students, employees or school property. After the adoption of an emergency policy, it will remain in effect only until a replacement policy is adopted in accordance with the steps described in this policy or for 90 days, whichever occurs first.


Legal References:
G.S. 115C-36
Cross References:
Board Meetings Agenda (policy 2330), Voting Methods (policy 2342), Policy Review and Evaluation (policy 2440)
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