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2325 Board Meeting News Coverage

2325 Board Meeting News Coverage All meetings of the Board of Education, except closed sessions, will be open to representatives of the news media. Mechanical devices may be used during meetings to record, broadcast or photograph board meetings if they do not interfere with the ability of the Board to conduct its business.

The placement and use of any equipment necessary to broadcast, film or record a meeting may be regulated by the Board to prevent undue interference with the meeting, but not in such a way as to frustrate the coverage of the meeting.

If a meeting room is too small to accommodate all of the personnel and equipment necessary to broadcast, film or record a meeting, the Board may require equipment to be pooled. If the news media request an alternate meeting place in order to facilitate news coverage and the Board grants the request, the news media making the request are responsible for paying any additional costs that may be involved in securing an alternate site. The Board must act in good faith in carrying out these provisions.

If the Board holds a meeting by conference telephone call or similar means, it will provide some means for members of the public to listen to the meeting. Notice of an electronic meeting must specify how public access will be provided. The Board may charge each listener a fee of up to $25.00 to defray the costs.



Legal References:
G.S. 143-318.11, -318.13, -318.14
Cross References:
News Media Relations (policy 5040)
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