2000 - Board Operations

2240 Advisory Councils


The Board of Education will appoint an Advisory Council for schools within the local administrative unit for the following school term.  At the Council’s first meeting, the members shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. The Principal shall submit a list of the elected officers to the Superintendent’s Office.

The Principal should provide Council Members with a copy of Policy 2240 prior to the first meeting. The Council shall hold a minimum of four meetings each school year. Meetings will be held at times in which all parent representatives can attend.  Meetings should not be held during school hours to the extent possible due to responsibilities of staff. The Principal should attend all meetings and serve as Executive Secretary to the Council. Individual members must attend 50% of the meetings held during their terms. Failure to do so makes a member ineligible for reappointment. The first meeting should be held by October 15 of each year and the last meeting should be held by May 15.  Each Council shall be required to comply with all requirements of the State Open Meetings Law, G.S. 143, Article 33C.   A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.

The Principal shall send a copy of the minutes of Council meetings to all Advisory Council Members, Board Members and the Superintendent within five workdays following the meeting.

The Advisory Council should:

1.     Provide advice, counsel and support on matters relating to the general welfare of the school; 

2.     Provide advice, counsel, and support to the Board of Education on issues critical to the district;

3.     Offer feedback solicited by the Board of Education on longer-term issues;

4.     Serve as liaison between the Board and the school community on matters relating to the school System; 

5.      Assist the Principal in maintaining a close working relationship with the school community; 

6.     Provide a positive channel for communication between the school and community; 

7.     Serve as a sounding board for the Principal, Superintendent and Board on matters and issues relating to their respective school(s); 

8.     Offer suggestions and recommendations for improvement at the school and system levels; and

9.     Assist the Principal in identifying strengths, weaknesses and needs of the school.

The Advisory Council shall not:

Involve itself in personnel matters;

Involve itself in individual student problems;

Involve itself in activities that may reflect adversely on the district;

Assume legal authority for direct action or decision-making within a school; and

Involve itself officially in political campaigns.

The Advisory Council Chair and Vice-Chair should:

Work with the Principal and the Board of Education to create an agenda for Advisory Council Meetings;

Work with the Principal to identify a schedule for meetings;

Work with the Principal to ensure compliance with all Pender County Board Policies, State Board Policies, and General Statutes;

Ensure that the work of the Council reflects the identified goals; and

Submit an annual report to the Board of Education by June 30 using the format identified by the Board of Education. 


Legal References:
G.S. 115C-55
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