2000 - Board Operations

2010 Board And Superintendent Relations


The board recognizes the importance of an effective working relationship between the board and superintendent.  The board further recognizes the distinct and separate areas of responsibility of the board and superintendent to the school system.  The primary functions of the board are to establish policies for the operation of the schools and to oversee generally that these policies are carried out.  The responsibility for carrying out board policies is vested in the superintendent and designees.    

To maintain a cohesive relationship between the board and the school system, the superintendent shall serve as secretary of the board and assist all board committees.  The superintendent shall keep the board informed of the operation of the system.  The superintendent shall make recommendations to the board as required by law and board policy and as otherwise determined appropriate by the superintendent.  The superintendent also shall assist the board in making sound decisions and meeting the requirements of law by providing information and advice regarding all matters that require board action.

All directives to the superintendent will be given by the board acting in official meetings.  No member of the board, including the chairperson, may individually give orders or directives to the superintendent or other school personnel, except as expressly authorized by the board.  Individual board member requests for information, materials or suggestions should be channeled through the superintendent.


Legal References:
G.S. 115C-36, -47, -276
Cross References:
Board Authority and Duties (policy 1010), Duties of Officers (policy 2210)
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