1000 - Governing Principles

1500 Governing Principle – Safe, Orderly and Inviting Environment



A system of excellent schools creates and maintains a safe and orderly environment where staff and students are focused on and excited about learning.  The board’s vision for creating and maintaining a safe, orderly and inviting environment is expressed through the following board policies:


School Safety

(policy 1510-4200-7270)

Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

(policy 1710-4021-7230)

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities

(policy 1730-4022-7231)

School Trips

(policy 3320)

School Improvement Plan

(policy 3430)

Conflict Resolution

(policy 3431)

Alternative Learning Programs/Schools

(policy 3470-4305)

Citizenship and Character Education

(policy 3530)

Focus on Students

(policy 4000)

Release of Students from School

(policy 4210)

Communicable Diseases – Students

(policy 4230)

Student Behavior Policies

(policy 4300)

Authority of School Personnel

(policy 4301)

School Plan for Management of Student Behavior

(policy 4302)

Integrity and Civility

(policy 4310)

Disruptive Behavior

(policy 4315)

Tobacco Products – Students

(policy 4320)

Drugs and Alcohol

(policy 4325)

Theft, Trespass and Damage to Property

(policy 4330)

Assaults, Threats and Harassment

(policy 4331)

Weapons, Bomb Threats, Terrorist Threats and Clear Threats to Safety

(policy 4333)

Criminal Behavior

(policy 4335)

Student Searches

(policy 4342)

Student Discipline Records

(policy 4345)

Short-Term Suspension

(policy 4351)

Removal of Student During the Day

(policy 4352)

Long-Term Suspension, 365-Day Suspension, Expulsion

(policy 4353)

Requests for Readmission of Students Suspended for 365 Days or Expelled

(policy 4362)

Visitors to the Schools

(policy 5020)

Smoking and Tobacco Products

(policy 5026-7250)

Weapons and Explosives Prohibited

(policy 5027-7275)

News Media Relations

(policy 5040)

Emergency Closings

(policy 5050)

Relationship with Other Governmental and Community Agencies

(policy 5100)

Relationship with Law Enforcement

(policy 5120)

Collections and Solicitations

(policy 5220)

Operation of Student Food Services

(policy 6220)

Goals of Student Transportation Services

(policy 6300)

Safety and Student Transportation Services

(policy 6305)


(policy 6315)

Bus Routes

(policy 6321)

Transportation Service/Vehicle Contracts

(policy 6340)

Organization of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services

(policy 6510)

Hazardous Materials

(policy 6540)

Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace

(policy 7240)

Drug and Alcohol Testing of Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators

(policy 7241)

Staff Responsibilities

(policy 7300)

School Administrator Contracts

(policy 7425)

Planning to Address Facility Needs

(policy 9000)

Facility Design

(policy 9020)

Care and Maintenance of Facilities

(policy 9200)

Care and Maintenance of Grounds and Outdoor Equipment

(policy 9210)

Security of Facilities

(policy 9220)


Legal References:
G.S. 115C-36
Cross References:
Governing Principles (policy 1100), Board and Superintendent Relations (policy 2010), Adoption of Policies (policy 2420)
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Monday, 13 February 2012