1000 - Governing Principles

1100 Governing Principles


Policies are the primary means by which the board expresses its vision for the school system.  In formulating specific policies, the board is guided by governing principles it considers critical to providing a system of excellent schools where students can succeed.  These governing principles are referenced frequently in the board policies and also are set out below.

1.         Student success.  As its top priority, a system of excellent schools provides opportunities for individual students to succeed and overall student performance to improve. 

2.         Parental involvement.  A system of excellent schools involves parents in decisions regarding their own children, the educational program and the schools.

3.         Safe, orderly and inviting environment.  A system of excellent schools creates and maintains a safe and orderly environment where staff and students are focused on and excited about learning.

4.         School initiatives.  In a system of excellent schools, each school initiates improvements to the educational program and services for students and involves staff, parents and students in school-level decision-making processes.

5.         Professional development.  A system of excellent schools provides continuous professional development and training to help personnel gain the skills and knowledge needed to meet State Board and local board expectations, especially as they relate to improving student performance.

6.         Removal of barriers.  A system of excellent schools prohibits illegal discrimination and harassment of staff and students, encourages tolerance and respect, and seeks to eliminate or lessen other barriers that may impede a student’s ability or opportunity to learn, including economic disadvantages, poor nutrition, ill-health and lack of transportation.

7.         Stewardship of resources.  A system of excellent schools conserves financial and environmental resources and operates in an efficient manner. 

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