7000 - Personnel

7821 Petition for Removal of Personnel Records

The Superintendent may elect not to place a letter of complaint in an employee’s personnel file if the 
letter contains invalid, irrelevant, outdated, or false information or when there is no documentation of 
an attempt to resolve the issue.
Any employee may petition the Board of Education to have removed from his or her personnel file 
any information that the employee believes to be invalid, irrelevant or outdated.
1. The petition must be in writing, signed by the employee, and submitted to the Superintendent. 
2. The petition must identify the specific information in question and the reasons for claiming it is 
invalid, irrelevant or outdated.
3. The Superintendent shall review all petitions for removal of information from an employee’s 
personnel file. Upon review of the information requested to be removed and all other materials or 
documentation received concerning the employee’s request, the Superintendent may remove the 
information if he/she finds that it is invalid, irrelevant, or outdated. 
4. The employee requesting removal of information from the personnel file shall be notified in writing 
of the Superintendent’s decision to approve or deny the request. If the Superintendent denies 
the request, the employee may, within ten (10) workdays, file a written request that the Board 
of Education review the petition. If the employee files a timely request that the Board review the 
petition, the Board will consider the petition and the Superintendent’s letter declining to remove the 
information. After review of the petition and the Superintendent’s response, the Board may remove 
the information from the employee’s personnel file if it finds the information is invalid, irrelevant, or 
outdated. The Board will notify the Superintendent and the employee of its decision in writing.


Legal References:
G.S. 115C-36, -47, 325(b)
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Monday, 05 May 2014