3000 - Educational Program

3405 Students At-Risk Of Academic Failure


The principal or designee is responsible for ensuring that teachers identify students at each school who are at risk of academic failure and who are not successfully progressing toward grade promotion and graduation in compliance with G.S. 115C-105.41.

Such identification shall occur as early as reasonably may be done, beginning no later than the fourth grade. In addition, no later than the end of the first quarter or after the teacher has had up to nine weeks of instructional time with a student, a personal education plan for academic improvement shall be developed or updated for each student at risk of academic failure who is not performing at least at grade level.

The principal or designee shall notify the student’s parent or guardian that the student has a personal education plan and provide the parent or guardian with a copy of the plan.

Each year the superintendent shall certify to the State Board of Education that the school system has complied with this requirement.

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G.S. 115C-105.41
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